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1. When accessing my health insurance information where would I find my member identification number?

The member identification number is located on the front left side of the ID Card. The ID Card enables you and your eligible dependents access to your health insurance information including both medical/hospital and prescription drug services. In an effort to maintain the privacy of members’ health information (PHI), please refrain from using your social security number.
For all participating members of Building Trades, the identification number (ID) contains a total of 12 alphanumeric characters. All ID numbers begin with BAE363, which consist of 3 alphas and 9 numbers. An ID is an important, pocket-sized tool that is used to utilize the quality benefits Building Trades offers.

2. What PPO Network (Preferred Provider Organization) does my Fund access?

Building Trades accesses the Anthem/Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO Network, this was made effective on September 1, 2011.

3. How do I find an in network provider(s)?

Call the Anthem/BCBS Provider Locator at 800-810-BLUE (2583), or access the website at In order to do this you will need your 3 letter prefix on your ID card (BAE), ZIP Code(s), the physician/provider specialty, and/or the provider’s name and address. Having a covered service(s) rendered by an in network provider allows you the opportunity for less out of pocket expenses and maximizes the benefits available to you.

4. What are the steps for locating an in network provider through the website:

A) Log onto
B) Go to the ‘USEFUL TOOLS’ tab, where there is an option to ‘FIND A DOCTOR’.
C) Select the ‘SEARCH USING YOUR PLAN’ option. Using your identification number, that includes your alpha prefix (first 3 letters), allowing you to search without logging in. The search feature will help you in searching providers of all specialties or a specific specialty. You will additionally have the option to search by distances of 2 miles upwards of a 100 mile radius to a City and State or ZIP Code.
D) You can view, print and/or e-mail your own provider directory real time.

5. What should I do when scheduling an appointment with a physician/provider?

When scheduling an appointment with a physician/provider and seeking to have covered services rendered in network, always ask the office if the provider is participating with the Anthem/BCBS PPO Network. Then you will provide them your ID number. Also you may call the Anthem/BCBS Eligibility and Benefit verification telephone number: 800-676-BLUE (2583).

6. How do I, as a member and/or dependent of Building Trades, determine eligibility, major medical benefits, claim status, and/or if pre-certification is required?

All participating members of Building Trades are to contact the plan administrator, Customer Service at 877-347-7225, for eligibility, benefit verification, and claim status. When pre-certification is required it is determined by American Health Holdings at 866-457-9882.

7. How often am I entitled to a vision voucher?

Coverage is limited to one exam and one pair of prescribed lenses and frames in a 12-month period for Plan A $250.00 annual maximum for individuals over the age of 26 and Plan D $100.00 annual maximum, No limit for pediatric vision (under age 26). If you are unsure of the last time you requested and used a vision voucher, please contact Customer Service at 877-347-7225.

8. How can a spouse of a spouse or a third party obtain medical information on my behalf?

In order to be in compliance and protect your medical records and other personal health information; you will have to grant permission to a spouse or third party to obtain private health information by completing a HIPAA Release Form and returning it to Dickinson Group. If you need a HIPAA form please contact Customer Service at 877-347-7225. Once the completed form is received your account will be noted per your instructions as to whom we are authorized to discuss personal health information.

9. How do I access the machine-readable files for the Transparency in Coverage Rule?

Click on this link - and search for the EIN: 11-3310062

10. How do I access the Price Comparison Tool?

To access the Price Comparison Tool for the No Surprises Act, please register and set up an account on (note: exclude the first three letters of your member ID when registering) then follow the below steps.

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